Explosive xBomb Fire at the Slots

Developer Nolimit City is on a roll and has set its sights on a popular, even cliche, slots theme: the simple mining game. Nolimit City, as always, refused to simply follow the lead of others. They have instead ripped it to shreds and given the crew free reign to come up with something entirely new. If you simply read about its main features in writing, it might not appear all that novel. Fire in the Hole xBomb, on the other hand, is a large, gruff, no-nonsense machine that can blow sky high at any minute, much like a stick of dynamite or the dwarven character who makes cameo appearances at strategic points in the game.

The playing field has 6 reels, 3 rows, and 486 possible winning combinations. As you can see, this is just half of the grid in use, as there are three inactive rows of empty cells directly below the currently visible region. At first glance, the setting seems more somber than typical for a Nolimit game. The tone isn’t established by a jail break, punk angst, or a savage wasteland. An ancient mine shaft is lit by flickering lanterns and supported by timber beams, yet the ominous mood belies the potential severity of a Fire in the Hole xBomb explosion. It doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to picture caves teeming with sweating, muscle-bound dwarves as they go about their day, breaking boulders to expose wealth or forging metal into weapons.

You may wager anywhere from 20 cents to £/€50 each spin on the Nolimit City slot machine Fire in the Hole xBomb. Volatility, for example, has been given a rating of 10 out of 10 by its creator, which indicates not just high but severe volatility. The return to player (RTP) varies, as is customary; keep that in mind as you lift your mental pickaxe; the optimal RTP setup employs a payout percentage of 96.06%. The ruling also discusses the significant potential and 1 in 4 success rate.

Wins in Fire in the Hole xBomb occur when symbols move in a straight line from the leftmost reel, regardless of the row they land on. The initial set of symbols is the 9-boxed-letters-K (instead of the more conventional A). The premiums include such items as a pickaxe, rope, boots, knapsack, and light, with a payout ranging from 1.75 times to 7.5 times the initial wager for a full house of premiums.

Slot Feature Firecracker xBomb

The xBomb feature has finally arrived in Nolimit City, and the first slot to use it is Fire in the Hole xBomb. Also included in the whole package are the bonus features Collapsing Mine, Wild Mining, Lucky Wagon Spins, and feature purchase in games that allow it.

The Collapsing Mine is a complex cascade system that is best tackled first. There are a maximum of six active rows at any given time throughout a spin; each collapse makes an extra row active. Winning combos, the xBomb Wild explosion, and the Wild Mining feature all cause collapses. Before initiating the next collapse, which causes all symbols to tumble downhill, winning symbols are deleted. This makes room for new symbols to drop into, which might result in a winning streak. There are 46,656 possible outcomes when using all 6 rows.

Unfortunately, the Tom Jones popular song and xBombs have nothing in common. The xBomb Wild symbol can be used in place of any other symbol save the scatter. Exploding xBomb Wilds eliminate all neighboring normal pay symbols and boost the subsequent collapse’s win multiplier by a factor of x1. Even if they did not contribute to the win, xBomb Wilds will detonate when a win occurs. If there is no winner, the xBombs will detonate to cause a collapse, just like Wild Mining would do (more on that below).

When there is no winning combination, but 3, 4, or 5 of the same symbol type appear in a horizontal line, Wild Mining is activated. The triggering symbols are eliminated, and a random number of wilds (1, 2, or 3) are placed in the center position. A second collapse is initiated, and all places in the active area burst (save for scatter and wild symbols).

The Lucky Wagon Spins bonus round is the main attraction. If you landed 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols, you’ll be given 2, 3, or 4 beginning rows, accordingly, when you play the bonus round on a new grid. Now, you have three spins at your disposal, and each time a coin symbol appears in the playing area, you’ll be given a fresh set of three. Each spin brings into view six carriages at the top of the grid, each of which displays a distinct set of rewards and modifiers. Whatever is shown above the coin that lands determines the outcome. For example:

A monetary denomination between x1 and x100.

A factor by which lesser coins are multiplied.

Coin-boosting dynamite symbols can be used to access previously closed rows and open bottom-row treasure boxes.

When a bag icon appears on a reel, it will gather all coins on that reel and add them to the triggering coin.

All values on the reel are gathered by the chest symbol, and it clears out all other symbols from the reel area save the dwarf symbol.

When a reel is filled with dwarf symbols, those values are transferred to the coin that set off the event. This will occur on the next rotation.

On each spin, the value of the coins above the collect chests on the bottom row is collected. There is a lot to process, but you can think of it as an extremely modified hold-and-win function.

Players who can’t wait to go to the bonus round can use the feature purchase that Nolimit has included. Bet multiples of 60x, 157x, and 500x are available. With 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols, the game’s RTP increases to 96.07%, 96.2%, or 96.96%.

Slot Judgment xBomb: Fire in the Hole

Nolimit City has kept the pressure on with the release of yet another banger in 2021, following the success of San Quentin xWays and East Coast vs. West. We’re referring to the high-stakes, high-risk game that has helped establish Nolimit as a leading studio in the gambling industry. You would believe that a studio can’t keep hitting home runs indefinitely, that eventually the momentum will have to slow down.

The team’s creative ideas appear to be flowing strongly as seen by Fire in the Hole xBomb, which poses yet another challenge to the competition. For one, we have Nolimit City to thank for revitalizing the mining subgenre. Nolimit has created a one-of-a-kind mining experience by combining beautiful visuals, enormous potential, and clever gameplay. The ability to reimagine a commonplace concept while still creating distinctive environments is indicative of a studio’s design prowess.

The new xBomb Wilds feature, like the xNudge Wilds before it, generate multipliers and play a significant role in racking up larger wins, making them a natural fit for a mining-themed game. Most seasoned gamblers will immediately recognize the Money Train 2 vibe in Lucky Wagon Spins. Even though the lack of gunshots makes Lucky Wagon Spins less exciting, the bigger payout makes up for it. Even if you only get three spins to begin with, that number has the potential to grow faster than a speeding freight train. You may win up to 60,000 times your wager if you play the bonus game to its full potential, which requires a combination of special symbols and the Collect Chests feature. Importantly, the maximum prize is attainable in both the main game and the Lucky Wagon Spins that are activated by five scatters.

There’s no reason why Fire in the Hole xBomb won’t be a huge hit among gamers. There is a large audience for games about mining, and many die-hard players who can’t wait to raise the alarm about whatever monstrosity Nolimit City has unleashed. However, it’s important to note that Fire in the Hole xBomb is not a relaxing roller coaster trip in a cozy mine. This is one of those crumbling, ancient shafts that may give way at any second, crushing everyone within. To put it bluntly, this place doesn’t have a canary in the coal mine. On the other hand, those who can handle the heat will find a gold mine full of valuable resources.






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